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Introducing Chorus Magazine!


Hey loyal readers – allow me a minute to let you know about an exciting new venture of mine: Chorus Magazine. As some of you know, I’m a musician as well as a designer. Through my years of recording, touring and gigging, I’ve learned quite a bit about the indie music side of things – and I’ve met people who know more. The success of the Paper Leaf Design blog led me to the idea of creating a free, online magazine for independent musicians. Thus, Chorus was born.

Much like how Paper Leaf Design doles out useful information pertinent to graphic & web designers, Chorus Magazine doles out useful information pertinent to the independent musician. We launched this past Friday, and I thought some of Paper Leaf’s readers might be interested – after all, our creativity doesn’t always begin & end with graphic design.

At present, Chorus Magazine is based around my hometown of Edmonton, AB; however, the information in the articles is useful to any indie musician, regardless of location.

So check it out if you wish, and feel free to spread the word. If you’re a musician who thinks they might find Chorus useful, please subscribe to the RSS feed. At the very least, I hope you’ll appreciate the branding and design – done by your truly of course. Enjoy your weekend!

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