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How to Fail at Your Design Business


If you don’t know about Inspired Magazine, I suggest you head over there and check ’em out/bookmark them/follow them etc. They’re a daily design inspiration web mag that posts links, articles, design elements and a whole bunch of other goodies.

This week, I wrote a guest post for them called How to Fail at Your Design Business. It’s a tongue-in-cheek article that provides good information on what to avoid when running your own design business:

This is it. You’ve worked many long, hard hours developing your Pen tool skills in Illustrator to the point you could probably add “Pen Tool Ninja” to your business card. You’ve learned so much about graphic design that your head is bigger than Rush Limbaugh’s waistline. You know so much about web design that you pretty much invented the Internet. Now’s the time.

You’re starting your own design business.

Running your own design business is part awesome, part OHGODWHATHAVEIDONE. You’ll find tons of How to articles online, dealing with how to be a successful designer slash businessman. But where can you find an article on how to fail at your design business?

Read the rest of the article over at Inspired Mag!

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